Launch of a brand new GSM... white by Vignobles & Compagnie

VIGNOBLES & COMPAGNIE innovates with the launch of its wine ?GSM - Gérard, Simone & Marcel' which completes its range of unexpected wines. One wine with three different labels for a real visual and taste sensation.
This wine was created above all to be a pleasure to drink with a meal amongst friends. It was born of a desire to create a counterpart for the famous GSM which secured the reputation of wines from the south of France. A GSM, yes but white! It is made from a blend of Grenache Blanc, Sauvignon and Marsanne. 
This cuvee was created by Nicolas Rager, winemaker of the winery, and it expresses all his creativity and passion for the terroirs of France. The Grenache grapes are harvested at full maturity and the wood-ageing takes place at low temperature to bring out a maximum of aromas. The Marsanne grapes are harvested slightly earlier to add minerality and freshness. Finally the Sauvignon grapes, harvested further south, give their characteristic bite to balance out the other varietals. The result is not just a pleasurable wine but a wine that will impress connoisseurs due to the care and attention put into the ageing and bottling at the beginning of the year, guaranteeing a maximum of freshness. 

Vignobles & Compagnie has long been committed to the environmental cause and therefore wanted to launch ?GSM' at the Vinisud 2018 wine trade fair which is putting the focus on sustainable development this year. So it goes without saying that this wine is all about respect for nature and the earth (limited inputs, treatment of outputs, etc.), and even the packaging is environmentally-friendly. The bottle is locally produced by the supplier O-I and is made of 80% recycled glass. Last but not least, the label is printed on recycled paper without hot foil printing.

'We wanted to highlight the three varietals which make up the blend of Gérard, Simone & Marcel. Each one is imagined as a fun character with the characteristics of the different grapes' Thomas Giubbi, Managing Director