Nothig is what it seems

PULPOLOCO Sangría is the only sangría in the world filled in a Cartocan®. A unique & eco-friendly packaging. A sweet and refreshing wine cocktail. Based on a traditional Spanish recipe with the best Spanish wine, orange lemon and a bit of cinnamon.

PULPOLOCO Sangría in the Cartocan®, world´s most versatile Sangría! Great for retail, perfect for music festivals, concerts, sport venue´s, beachclubs, hip & trendy bars.

Our CartoCan® concept is an environmental friendly packaging, unique in the world. We carefully choose our materials (only FSC wood), manufacturing practices and energy use to minimize the environmental impact. All part of our commitment to the environment at every stage.

The Cartocan® offers an improved carbon-footprint; using 60% renewable resources and emitting 50% less CO2 than regular aluminium cans.

PULPOLOCO Sangría (the ´crazy octopus sangría´) is supported by a great consumer's website, social media and commercial clips in order to promote the product in the best way possible.