Why don't you choose La Royale way?

The Domaine de Médeilhan, always new since 1890!
Converted into wine with passion and many attentions by the wine grower of the Domain de Médeilhan, 2017 is the third available vintage in bottles.
Although newcomer in the market of wine in bottles - but already there for nearly 130 years! - the Domaine de Médeilhan is always new since 1890 ...
Why always new since 1890'
Because our first two ranges multi-awarded in 2016 and 2017, grow rich of a new vintage dated on 2017: Souveraine, first arisen from the new premium range La Royale.
Already spotted by Pays d'Oc and registered in ?Cuvée Coups de coeur', Souveraine vintage will be officially launched at Vinisud. Be the first to discover its magnificent label, to taste this mesmerizing syrah collected in optimal maturity, converted into wine with passion and attention and sublimated by the new oak during four months which assures its aging potential.

'I am delighted to welcome you on our space at Vinisud and to make you taste Souveraine as well as our other cuvées. Looking forward to meeting you.'
Christine de Saussine - Wine gower and wine maker