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Palais Mediterraneen by Vinisud

Free-pour tasting area hosted by the Languedoc-Roussillon branch of the French Oenologists’ Association offering a glimpse of the diversity of Mediterranean wine regions where over 2,500 wines can be tasted at your leisure.
  • Major zones: red, rosé, white, sweet and sparkling wines
  • Focus on sustainable and ethically responsible wines: organic, biodynamic, natural, vegan...
  • Boxed wine pavilion in conjunction with Vitisphere
Exhibitions that can also be visited at your leisure:
SupAgro Montpellier

“Sustainable and ethically responsible initiatives”- a poster exhibition produced by agricultural engineers specialising in viticulture and oenology and Vine & Wine Master’s Degree students at the Higher Institute of Studies on Vines and Wine (IHEV) at Montpellier SupAgro.
Official opening on Monday February 19 at 11:00 am

Bottlenecks in Paris whilst we uncork bottles…” -  Ça bouchonne à Paris et ça débouchonne chez nous... Original drawings by Rémy, wine artist and humorist

Sparkling zone by Vinisud

Prosecco DOC
Espace sponsorisé en 2018 par Consorzio Tutela Prosecco DOC, dédié aux bulles de la Méditerranée qui répond à la demande toujours plus croissante du marché mondial :
  • Zone de libre dégustation
  • Bar cocktails à base de Prosecco DOC, Cava, Blanquette de Limoux, Clairette de Die...
  • Plus de 200 échantillons à découvrir.

Expression Mediterraneenne by Vinisud and Wine Mosaic

This area highlights the rich viticultural, cultural and culinary heritage of the Mediterranean.
  • Non-stop tasting of “unique grape varieties from the Mediterranean and the South” and “Talk and Taste” sessions with wine growers in conjunction with Wine Mosaic.

"Talk and Taste" Conferences / Tastings from Sunday February 18th, 2018
Expression Mediterraneenne Room Hall B3

1:15pm / 2:00pm
Wine Mosaic meets the lesser-known grape varieties: Presentation of the associations and book signings

Jean-Luc Etievent, Wine Mosaic & André Deyrieux and Jean Rosen, Rencontre des Cépages Modestes / Language: French

2:15pm / 2:45pm
Piedmont varietals: Chasing the rarest ones

Andrea Costa - Marenco / Language: English

3:00pm / 3:30pm
Challenging vintages, surprising results: Languedoc Cinsaults in 1992 / 1997 / 2003

Patricia Boyer-Domergue - Clos Centeilles / Language: French

3:45pm / 4:45pm
Vines of the future: A project to revive ancient Bordeaux grape varieties

Julia Riffault - Agricultural Engineer & Fredéric Mallier - Château de la Vieille Chapelle / Language: French & English

5:00pm / 5:30pm
Grenache - The family grows!

Marlene Angelloz - Grenache Association / Language: French

"Talk and Taste" Conferences / Tastings from Monday February 19th, 2018
Expression Mediterraneenne Room Hall B3

9:15am / 9:45am
Ribolla Gialla - One grape variety, one history

Sofia Lafaye - Journalist specialising in wines and spirits / Language: French

10:00am / 10:45am
Petite Arvine, Mollard, Espanenc, Douce Noire: Grape varieties from Valais, the Upper Alps and Savoy

Valentina Andrei - Domaine Andrei & Yann de Agostini - Domaine du Petit Aout / Language: French

11:00am / 11:30am
Médimurje: The resurgence of a traditional Croatian appellation

Elsa Perrier – Agronomist representing Hortus Croatia - Medimurje / Language: French

11:45am / 12:15pm
Vinho Verde & Tejo: Young wines from old indigenous grapes

Jose Batoreu - Agro Batoreu & Miguel Fonseca - Quinta de Curvos / Language: English

12:45pm / 1:15pm
Le muscat à petits grains hors des sentiers battus. Un cépage méditerranéen emblématique et innovant

Florence Monferran - Les Clos de Miège

1:30pm / 2:00pm
Obeidy: The Lebanese grape variety for Arak and wine

Joe-Assaad Touma - Château St-Thomas / Language: French

2:00pm / 3:00pm
Understanding varietal innovation: History and customs in yesterday's and  tomorrow's vineyards

Loic le Cunff - French Vine & Wine Institute (IFV), National Plant Material Department / Language: French

3:15pm / 3:45pm
Wine Mosaic rosés: Tasting with an expert

Elizabeth Gabay MW - Author of Rosé Wine Book / Language: English

4:00pm / 4:30pm
Hungary in a nutshell: The resurgence of Tokaj and introduction to the Villany wine region

Agnes Nemeth - Hungarian Wines & Dorottya Homoky - Homoky Winery / Language: English

4:45pm / 5:15pm
The rare varietals of Turkey: Yapincak, Calkarasi and Cakal

Seyit Karagozoglu - Pasaeli Winery / Language: English

5:30pm / 6:00pm
Aubun: The character and originality of a Provencal ancestor

Eleonore de Sabran - Domaine de Lansac / Language: French

"Talk and Taste" Conferences / Tastings from Tuesday February 20th, 2018
Expression Mediterraneenne Room Hall B3

10:00am / 10:30am
Bulgarian grape varieties : Discover Mavrud, Rubin, Melnik

Dimitar Dimov - Yolovo Winery / Language: French

10:45am / 11:15am
Robola from Cephalonia: A high-altitude grape variety

Evgenia Stefanidi - Mavrommatis / Language: French

11:30am / 12:00pm
Calabria: Our future is in our past! Back to the future with the discovery of our indigenous grapes

Gianluigi Chiodin – Spadafora export manager / Language: English

12:15pm / 12:45pm
The ageing potential of Picpoul de Pinet:  1988 / 1998 / 2008 and a surprise!

Roland Tarroux - Mas Saint Laurent / Language: French

1:00pm / 1:30pm
Lambrusco, the new trendy fizz: How much do you know about its grape varieties?

Luciano Bulgarelli - Cantina di Quistello / Language: English

We are very satisfied by our second time at Vinisud as exhibitors on the Wine Mosaic pavilion. We hope that the quality of the conversations we had will open up marketing opportunities for the Greek native grape varieties that we promote. Foreign buyers from regions like Scandinavia, the USA, Japan and the UK were very well represented and we made a lot of contacts and sparked a lot of interest from French buyers, sommeliers and wine merchants. We use the show to present our selection of Greek imported wines at the start of the year and plan to take part again in 2018.
Mathieu Blet / LA CAVE MAVROMMATIS - Greece

Digital Hub by Vinisud and Sowine

The nerve centre of Vinisud’s digital ecosystem, highlighting the latest international trends in digital communications.
The hub promotes sharing and engagement with workshops and experts’ discussions organised by the Sowine agency.

Digital Hub Workshops from Sunday February 18th, 2018
Digital Hub Room Hall B3

11am / 12pm
La WineTech: introduction

Philippe Pujau - La WineTech -

1pm / 2pm
First session of startup presentations

Start-ups de La WineTech - "WineFunding / / Caveasy / Vinovae" -

2pm / 3pm
Content at the core of your digital marketing strategy

Marie Lallemand - Drink a Beat - Wine writer and blogger -

3pm / 4pm
Digital media makes the consumers' access to wine easier

Charlotte Dominique - - Project Manager -

4pm / 5pm
Everything is social: effective events and content marketing in all kinds of budgets

Sarah Abbott MW - Swirl Wine Group - Founder & Master of Wine -

Digital Hub Workshops from Monday February 19th, 2018
Digital Hub Room Hall B3

10:30am / 11:30am
10 tips to implement a successful digital marketing strategy: Web, social media, influencers...

Julien Miquel - Social Vignerons - Wine blogger and winemaker -

11:30am / 12:30pm
Second session of startup presentations

Start-ups de La WineTech - "Trois Fois Vin / Cellier Domesticus / Le Bon Gustave / Vinosoft" -

12:30pm / 1:30pm
Alternative financing:  what are the new funding methods growing in the wine industry?

Maxime Debure - Wine Funding - Founder -

2pm / 3pm
Instagram: a key network for the wine and spirits industry

Marie Mascré - SOWINE - Founder -

3pm / 4pm
Sparkling Marketing on a lemonade budget

Christopher Walkey - Glass of Bubbly - Founder -

Digital Hub Workshops from Tuesday February 20th, 2018
Digital Hub Room Hall B3

10:30am / 11:30am
#WomenDoWine: how and why a hashtag turned into a collective of professionals

Marie-Dominique Bradford - Women Do Wine - Vice-President of the association, Founder of Trois Fois Vin -

11:30am / 12:30pm
ByMyWine: a useful interactive app for wineries

Constant Lanzalavi and Benoit Bastianelli - Ipsu Media -

New Wave by Vinisud

A pavilion showcasing the wine industry’s young players, both wine growers and start-ups.

Some will be presenting their first vintage in 2018 whilst others will be exhibiting their craftsmanship – for all of them, it is an opportunity to reveal the contribution of these dynamic players to the industry. The pavilion has just one objective: to give young wine growers starting out a helping hand. To be eligible, their business needs to be less than five years’ old. They must have established, bought or taken over an estate after 2012.

Mediterranean Wine Tourism by Vinisud

Vinisud is once again partnering with to host an area dedicated to wine tourism.
  • Exhibition and meeting area
  • Round table debates orchestrated by André Deyrieux of
  • Attendance by institutional stakeholders representing Mediterranean wine tourism solutions.

For its maiden event, our start-up chose Vinisud and we are delighted. We were in the wine tourism hall, which abounded in colourful characters and innovative projects. Many visitors and future partners came and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of visitor attendance. See you next year!

The photographer Claude Cruells will exhibit his “Mediterranean vineyard landscapes”


Propose an innovative experience through connected stones which deliver the secrets of your heritage.


Conferences from Sunday February 18th, 2018
Conference room Hall B3

11:30 am
Official presentation of the Wine Tourist of the Year Award

By André Deyrieux –

2:00 / 3:00 pm
Regions, wine regions and estates: The most suitable business model and method for wine tourism

Marie Daigneaux, Géovina Connect; Florence Ollier, Aude Chamber of Agriculture - Cathar Country; France Gerbal-Medalle, AOC Tourisme, Occitanie Sud de France Wine Tourism Club
Round-table debate moderated by André Deyrieux

3:15 / 4:15 pm
An overview of ethically accountable wine consumption in France and worldwide

Are current consumer trends for food mirrored in wine consumption?
Presented by Elisabeth Laville -  Graines de Changement for Vinisud

4:45 / 5:45 pm
Strategies for capitalising on growth in the market for sparkling wines from the Mediterranean regions

VITISPHERE conference moderated by Michel Remondat and Laurent Causin

Conferences from Monday February 19th, 2018
Conference room Hall B3

9:15 / 10:30 am
Sustainability: a new buying cue for wines?

More than ever before, the wine industry is faced with increased social pressure to meet new consumer expectations. Moderate drinking is not just about wine itself and the actual physical pleasure it provides – appreciation of the commitments and responsible behaviour of wine industry members makes consumer enjoyment truly meaningful. Responsible conduct has become thought-provoking, before and after consumers drink wine. Industry observers and entrepreneurs committed to CSR policies will share their vision and practices. Come and engage with them.
Speakers: Bruno Le Breton, President of Wine Earth, Executive at BLB Vignobles; Yann Chabin, Secretary General of Wine Earth, Executive at M’RSE; Paul Bounaud, Head of agricultural sectors and the on-trade, GSI France; François Demeure Dit Latte, Managing director Adelphe; Valérie Vincent, Marketing and Communications Manager, Maison Gabriel Meffre; Linda Filone, CSR and French Promotion Manager – Pays d’Oc PGI Wine Marketing Board.

10:45 / 11:45 am
Mediterranean wine growing heritage and the current revival of ancient viticultural customs

An interactive, open round-table debate analysing traditions that make sense for innovative, wide-scale use of these customs aimed at transcending standardised viticultural practices. With attendance by professional historians, agronomists, oenologists, wine growers, retailers and journalists.
By Wine Mosaic

12:00 / 1:00 pm
The International Mediterranean Wine Observatory

Results of the 2nd edition – Changes since 2015
Presented by Jean-Philippe Perrouty - Wine Intelligence for Vinisud

2:00 / 3:00 pm
New York v Paris
A comparative study of wine consumption trends

A survey of uses and habits of 21-65 year-olds, focusing on ethically-accountable standards. SOWINE/SSI
Presented by Arnaud Daphy, SOWINE

3:15 / 4:15 pm
Neuroenology: When neuroscience becomes part of wine tasting

Curated by Philippe Faure-Brac, World’s Best Sommelier, MOF Honoris Causa; and Gabriel Lepousez, Doctor of neuroscience and a researcher at Institut Pasteur
By members of the cork industry

4:30 / 5:30 pm
Originality, digital technology, biodiversity… – Innovation(s) in Mediterranean wine tourism

Joël Rochard, National Expert for Sustainable Development, French Vine & Wine Institute IFV; Jean-François Pouget, Marketing and Communications Director Hérault Tourisme; Marie Dupuis, oenotourisme. com
Round-table debate moderated by André Deyrieux

5:45 / 7:00 pm
UNITED STATES: Growth opportunities for French wines

Gaining a better understanding of the highest growth segments and expectations for red wines. The United States are currently the world’s leading wine consumer country and by 2021 promise to be one of the three leading growth markets. The USA is also one of the top export destinations for French wines.
By Frédéric Partaix, Head of Sensorial Solutions & Marketing, Vivelys; and Hervé Remaud, Director of Global Executive MBA, Kedge Business School. For more details and registration

Conferences from Tuesday February 20th, 2018
Conference room Hall B3

9:15 / 10:30 am
HVE, High Environmental Value – Environmental certification for farms

Background, objectives and challenges – How to implement certification
By Bureau Veritas Certification: Isabelle Peumery, Project Manager; and Olivier Molter, Business Developer

11:00 am / 12:00 pm
Heritage, history, art and wine growing traditions – The future of cultural wine tourism around the Mediterranean

Anahit Davtyan on behalf of the Armenian wine industry; Magda Beverari for Lebanon; Guy Labeyrie for Bulgaria; Claude Cruells for the "Méditerranée, terroir divin" project
Round-table debate moderated by André Deyrieux

12:30 pm
Presentation of selected applicants for the ‘Vue sur Vignes’ (Vineyard with a View) Award for the finest vineyard viewpoint

created by Winetourisminfrance .com, the pioneering media for wine tourism, and environmental and tourism engineering agency TELOA – in conjunction with the Suze-la-Rousse Wine University and AEFO (European Association for Wine Tourism Training).

By André Deyrieux –

Master Classes from Sunday February 18th, 2018
Master Class Room Hall B3

11:15am / 12:15pm
AOC Limoux sparkling wines: Positive signals from the international marketplace

Moderated by Sarah Abbott MW (UK)
By the Syndicat du cru Limoux and the CIVL – Languedoc Wine Marketing Board

Upon registration through your personal area

2:00 / 3:15pm
Climate changes, wine changes

In the light of drier, hotter summers, what impact are the current climate changes having on viticulture and wine quality?
By Sarah Abbott MW (UK) / Elizabeth Gabay MW (UK) for VINISUD

Upon registration through your personal area

3:45 / 4:45pm
Volcanic wines from Southern Italy

Moderated by consultant sommelier Vinny Mazzara.

Upon registration through your personal area

5:15 / 6:15pm
An introduction to wine in amphora from the Mediterranean

A practical example of the reinstatement of an ancient custom.  
The famous Italian agronomist and oenologist, Adriano Zago, and four Mediterranean wine growers will present 7 wines matured in amphorae in a master class and will comment on the winemaking and storage attributes of this material. The amphora as a natural and ancient container. For VINISUD.

Upon registration through your personal area

Master Classes from Monday February 19th, 2018
Master Class Room Hall B3

9:00 / 10:00am
Pays d’Oc Masterclass: What is Pays d'Oc IGP all about - come and explore the wealth of varieties it offers

In 1987 the vin de Pays d’Oc label was created, and with it the notion of a wine style driven by variety rather than terroir. Over the past 30 years, Languedoc-Roussillon has seen two very different wine styles develop: the growth in small appellations with a direct focus on local terroirs and the more sweeping style of single variety wines from every corner of the region reflecting a combination of varietal character and territory and the artistry of the producer. The tasting will include a few well-known varieties (of the 50+ permitted) which will delight and surprise.
By Elizabeth Gabay MW (UK)

Upon registration through your personal area

10:30 / 11:30am
40 years of Côtes du Roussillon and Côtes du Roussillon Villages

By Xavier Hardy, education manager, and Eric Aracil, winemaker and export manager for the Roussillon Wine Marketing Board – CIVR

Upon registration through your personal area

12:00 / 1:00pm
Discovering the terroirs of Southern Italy

Moderated by consultant sommelier Vinny Mazzara.

Upon registration through your personal area

2:15 / 3:15pm
Prosecco DOC and sustainable development: an evolving reality

By Andrea Battistella, Oenologist - CONSORZIO TUTELA PROSECCO DOC

Upon registration through your personal area

3:45 / 4:45pm
Disease-resistant grape varieties: Languedoc anticipates the future

By Bernard Augé, deputy head of the Languedoc Wine Marketing Board, Hernan Ojeda and Jean Louis Escudier of INRA’s experimentation centre Pech-Rouge in Gruissan

Upon registration through your personal area

5:15 / 6:15pm
Thinking outside the rosé box

By Elizabeth Gabay MW

Upon registration through your personal area

6:30 / 7:30pm
Innovation Masterclass – Alcohol-free Le Petit Beret

Curated by Dominique Laporte, Best Sommelier for France, Fathi Benni, founder of Le Petit Beret, Thierry Dusautoir, captain of the French rugby team, and Burgundy wine producer Paul Aegeter.

Upon registration through your personal area

Master Classes from Tuesday February 20th, 2018
Master Class Room Hall B3

9:45 / 10:45am
Great Red Wines of Provence

By Roger Voss - Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Upon registration through your personal area

11:15am / 12:15pm
Wine faults workshop: learning how to recognise them

By Les Professionnels du Liège/Cork industry
Moderated by Jean-Michel Riboulet, doctor of oenology

Upon registration through your personal area

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