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Caroline Henry

Caroline Henry

I have been passionate about wine for more than a decade now, and have extensive wine marketing and wine branding experience. In 2010 I completed the WSET Advanced certificate with distinction and I would like to start with Diploma in 2011. In February this year I became a Certified Sommelier.

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  Whilst the Valpolicella is a old wine region, with grape vine and wine history going back to the Romans, Amarone is a fairly young wine. The traditional wines of the region were the Valpolicella (a lighter, fruit forward and easy drinking wine), the Reciotto, a sweet red wine made from dried grapes – where the fermentation is stopped to…
lundi, 20 février 2012 16:00

Large Wine Fairs and the Web 2.0

It’s been a very long time since I wrote a wine marketing focussed post here, guess I have been too busy enjoying the good wines and visits:-) However, this weekend I have done nothing much else but thinking of this post…   Read more
Vendredis du Vin Today the theme for the Vendredis du Vin is “Le Vin et les Voyages” or Wine and Travel – a topic which is right up my street so I decided to write my first Vendredis du Vin post I know I know I should write it in French, however as Rome was not build in a day…
In the run up to this Fridays’s first International #PortDay organised by the Centre for Wine Origins I would like to share the beautiful experience fellow #winelover Onneca Guelbenzu and I had visiting a few Port Lodges at the end...   Read more
vendredi, 25 novembre 2011 14:47

Terroir | Missinwine

The notion of Terroir has been on my mind a lot these last few days – partly because I have been studying for the Wine Location Specialist Certificate Program from the Center of Wine Origins and partly because the first #Terroircamp was on this weekend at Toulouse.. Terroir in my opinion, encompasses the uniqueness of a place – including climate,…


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OTRI_UCLM 14ª Edición de la Feria Mundial del Vino Mediterráneo “#VINISUD” 2018 (Montpellier, Francia). Más información en:…
VigneronsFrance RT @VINISUD: #MediterraneanStyle Galicia, Umbria & Southwest France are nominated as Wine Region of the Year! @WineEnthusiast > https://t.c…
VINISUD #MediterraneanStyle Galicia, Umbria & Southwest France are nominated as Wine Region of the Year! @WineEnthusiast >…
VINISUD RT @CrtOccitanie: Oenotourisme : un axe fort de la stratégie régionale, et mobilisateur comme on l’a vu hier lors de la table ronde de Latt…
VINISUD RT @VinsduLanguedoc: Les @VinsduLanguedoc reviennent sur @France2tv chaque samedi et dimanche à 14h du 2 septembre au 19 novembre https://t…
VINISUD RT @WineMorning: 6⃣ : [#Vin] Les Côtes du Rhône , championnes en CHR et chez les cavistes - @Vinsrhone @LEXPRESS ✳️
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