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Michel Gassier

Michel Gassier

A Southern Rhône winemaker for the last twenty years, Michel Gassier spends an inordinate amount of time in his vineyards observing his plants and their dirt -- (hey, everyone has to have a passion). Absolutely convinced of the quality of the Costières de Nîmes terroir, you’ll often find him digging holes, inspecting vines, reveling in the sight of a pair of mating stone curlews (as you can witness on his blog). Not known to tolerate the status quo, his non-stop experimenting at the winery is there for all to see as well.

jeudi, 03 novembre 2016 12:26

2016, a vintage of filled with promise…

 Spring rains allowed the full development of the vine, even though the drier-than-usual winter did not entirely replenished the soil’s water reserves. The frequent showers also provided us a few scares with respect to our younger, more vigorous vines, where containing mildew while remaining true to our commitment to organic farming was challenging.  But as of mid-June, a dream summer…
jeudi, 19 mars 2015 21:36

2500 years of passion for wine

A people of Mediterranean commerce, they developed a taste for Etruscan wines, and planted the first vineyards of Gaul. Modified by the Romans, our Tour Magne was originally the symbol of the Volque civilization The Volque landowner had all the trappings of a hedonistic life. Simultaneously a farmer, a fisherman, and a rancher, his farm usually had a piggery, a salt house…
mercredi, 29 avril 2015 15:17

Searching for depth

Affectionately nicknamed “malo”, this second fermentation is a natural phenomenon, and pretty much standard for most red wines.  In barrels or tanks, it is the transformation of the grapes’ malic acid into lactic acid that gives a rounder, fuller mouthfeel. Interestingly we find that as it decreases the perception of acidity in the wine, it increases its mineral expression. Harvesting…
jeudi, 10 septembre 2015 14:24

Swimming Against the Tide

Driven by financial pressures, assured by the “miracle cures” of modern chemistry and encouraged by government subsidies, mainstream viticulture and winemaking have been for some time now doing everything backwards.  The traumatic omega graft in industrial nurseries, selected clones (the only subsidized way to replant a vineyard), the use of herbicides and pesticides which not only kill the ecosystem, but…
jeudi, 22 octobre 2015 00:00

2015 – A diva vintage

But as it is the case with most storms here, the quantity of rain varied greatly even within a small zone. These rains, when moderate, were good for the vineyards but the more important water spills gave potential sanitary problems to the early ripening varietals.  In anticipation of late season storms, the entire team had done a terrific job with…
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