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Gabriella & Ryan Opaz

Gabriella & Ryan Opaz

Gabriella Opaz :VINISUD 2012 AMBASSADOR" Spain.

Born and bred in Chicago, IL, Gabriella is the co-founder of, Born Digital Wine Awards, and the European Wine Bloggers Conference. Gabriella now runs Vrazon with Ryan from her home in Barcelona, helping the industry to get online.

Ryan Opaz :VINISUD 2012 AMBASSADOR" for Spain.

Born in Minnesota, Ryan is the co-founder of, Born Digital Wine Awards,, Vrazon and the European Wine Bloggers Conference.  Although a chef at heart, Ryan's time is spent giving workshops and speeches internationally on social media and blogging for wineries.

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mercredi, 16 novembre 2016 11:27

How are Women Uniting Portugal through Wine?

Same can also be said of men as nurses, hairdressers and preschool teachers. As for winemakers, well…it’s been an all male game for a very long time, but the tide is changing, dramatically. Here in Portugal, women have changed the vinous landscape dramatically with the likes of Filipa Pato, Sandra Tavares and Julia Kemper, but this is only the beginning. Today, there is a…
dimanche, 04 septembre 2016 13:39

Celebrate Port Wine Day in Porto!

And we do mean, everyone! So if you’re in Porto this week, why not take the opportunity to try a wide variety of Port wines throughout the city. If you’re looking for a “Port Wine Crawl”, there are dozens of bars and restaurants serving up a special wine and food pairing. For those craving a more substantial understanding of how…
We’ve been following Niklas for years, and love both his witty style of writing and his mad obsession for Madeira wine. It won’t take long for you to become an avid follower as well.   Who is this mysterious caricatured Madman passionate about Madeira? Hi Catavino! Well, I’m not as mysterious as the drawing might indicate, and I have aged since…
mardi, 19 janvier 2016 10:29

A Beginner’s Guide to Madeira Wine

” Such a fundamental part of our vinous history, and yet today, we would assume 99.99% of Americans know nothing about Madeira. And of those that do, Madeira is solely a difficult-to-procure ingredient for an obscure French sauce first documented by Escoffier and championed by Julia Child. To be fair, Madeira is neither easy to find, nor easy to understand.…
mercredi, 23 décembre 2015 00:00

Our Expat Holiday in Portugal!

Was this an easy decision? No, but it has opened our eyes as to why Portugal is an incredible place to spend the Holidays!   Food Portugal has some of the coziest winter cuisine on the planet. For a country that prides itself on its summer fare, let me just say that this pales in comparison to what they cobble together in frigid…
dimanche, 06 décembre 2015 15:10

The Spanish Wine Holiday Survival Pack

For someone who adores wine, nothing feels better than finding new bottles to enjoy and share. With over 1 million hectares of land dedicated to grapevines, Spain is certainly the largest vineyard in the world and has options to suit every budget and every drinker. Whether you want to surprise your guests, or just abscond from holiday stress, here are our…
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