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Tom Fiorina

Tom Fiorina

Tom Fiorina worked as a journalist in Washington, DC, before receiving an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. After coming to France in 1990, he did internal and external communications for international companies in Europe and the US. Since 2008 he has been writing The Vine Route, a blog dedicated to the wine and winemakers of southern France. He also has written two wine tourism guides about Corsica. He is currently a student in Toulouse studying for the French DNO (Diplôme National d’Œnologue).

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We spent hours measuring pH and titratable acidity to determine wine acidity. We analyzed enzymatic levels with a spectrophotometer, and there were weeks spent in the microbiology lab culturing yeast and bacteria. But there were no courses about planetary and lunar cycles, and no one ever had us stir a silica-infused concentration for 24 hours in a certain way. I…
Besides being an oenologist, Franjus-Adenis is also a journalist and a former winemaker in the Languedoc-Roussillon Corbières wine region. Co-organizer Anne-Marie Estampe is a winemaker from another Languedoc-Roussillon wine region, the Minervois. These two ladies convinced over 100 wine tasters, including among them two dozen oenologues and several well-known French and Belgian wine writers, to taste Bag-in-box wines (“Bibs” are…
I’ve already written in this blog here and here about invitation-only Foire aux Vins parties, and the websites and special issues published each year by France’s top wine magazines advising readers on which supermarkets have the most interesting wine sales. Normally, I have worked at a Foire aux Vins in the Gers region, just west of where we live in…
Its landscapes could have inspired Sergio Leone to create his film The good, the bad, and the ugly. Instead of fish stew and a fruity, delicate rosé, you’ll find hearty cassoulet and spicy red wine that contains close to 15% alcohol. This is the Corbières, a part of the Languedoc region that sits roughly between Narbonne, Perpignan and Carcassonne. It’s…
vendredi, 01 novembre 2013 11:48

A naturally beautiful wine from the Roussillon

Bordered by the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, this region was once part of the kingdom of Aragon. Even today, many people here identify culturally with neighboring Catalonia in Spain more than they do with the rest of France. It’s wild, hot and windy country, and the dry, barren schist and limestone land is well suited for growing grapes or olives.…
vendredi, 21 décembre 2012 09:01

Douro | Valley | wines

The Douro, one of the world’s great wine rivers, makes its way across the northern Iberian Peninsula from its source in the Spanish hinterlands to the Portuguese city of Porto where it flows into the Atlantic. This is legendary wine territory. The Douro became the world’s first demarcated wine appellation in the mid-18th century, a century before the famous 1855…
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